The Bloody Rules

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The Bloody Rules

Post  Pythongeek on Sun Mar 15, 2009 8:42 pm

Here is the General Rules around here:

1. Write/Respond to scenes in a timely-fashion: I understand that we all have real lives and this game is meant to be fun for all, but it spoils it for others who want to continue a scene if they have to wait weeks and weeks before the next person responds. Please try and post in a scene at least once a week. I'm a pretty understanding person and if something comes up and you can't post or whatever, just let me know. If things get too delayed, we'll either work around your character (depending on the scene) or we'll have understudies.

2.Stay IC (in-character).: What does this mean? Though the purpose of our group is to create new scenarios and experiences for our characters, this does not mean that a character is allowed to act out of his or her norm. For example, A gumby would not be an intelligent person and use fancy words.

3. No character can be omniscient or omnipotent: In other words, your character can be powerful, but he/she cannot be all-knowing like a God. This is only fair to all players involved.

4. No hijacking other people's characters: Again pretty self-explanatory, if you are playing a character, then I do not have the right to go in and start writing your character's dialogue or actions. Just don't do it.

5.No One Liners:Nothing is more annoying than writing a nice paragraph or two for a scene only to get a one-liner response back. Please put a little thought into what you are writing. We all play things by ear here but it's just common courtesy to include more than one line for a response.

6. There is no rule 6

7. There will be no killing or maiming of other people's characters, unless express permission is given beforehand.: This goes along with the rule of no hijacking another's character. Killing off or harming another character without permission is just rude.

8. If your character has psychic abilities, you must seek the other player's permission to read their characters' minds:
See the rules on hijacking and killing/maiming another person's character without their expressed permission.

9. Ideas must be approved by the founder: Run your idea by me first just so that we're all on the same page. I'm pretty easy-going so if your idea isn't too way out there and makes sense, I'll more than likely say go for it.

10. Respect others: This one is just common sense but important!!


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